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The Journey... will be a continuous look at the life of Models, Fashion designers, Agencies, Musicians, Photographers & other creatives. Sk Mag wants to show our readers how they work in conjunction with the various industries they work in. Each issue will have new insight into each part of the wheel and how it affects their industry as a whole. So we have started by interviewing 3 models at different stages of their career to help create a blueprint for models to follow.

Loydeen is a TV/Film actor, high fashion Model & a writer. With acting being her degree & all time passion, Loydeen has been on many well known TV shows and films including The Tonight Show, Dietland, Blue Bloods, Days of Our Lives, All My Children, Lipstick Jungle, Inside Amy Schumer & was last seen in a principle role on ID network's The Deadliest Decade. She is currently filming a psychological thriller & has booked an upcoming TV series. As a model, Loydeen has graced the runways of fashion week walking upwards of 14 shows each season including walking for B Michael, Tumbler & Tipsy, Alex Vinash, Mister Triple X, House of Byfield, Project Runway's Candice Cuoco & Michael Lombard just to name a few. She has shot editorial (her favorite being with live wolves), commercial print & works with many celebrity & renowned stylists such as Edward Tricomi, Stephen Moody, & Tracey Hughes. She has also worked as an international model in China for several months and had requests in Germany, Japan, South Korea & Milan.

1. Tell me about your experience as a model?

Loydeen - I was picked up for high fashion modeling after a trip visiting New York while I was living on the West Coast. I was then asked to move to New York for a modeling contract. From there I was thrust into the world of castings, photoshoot, runway training and model housing. I feel absolutely in love with this city and the industry!


2. What is your greatest weakness, as a model? What are you doing to improve on it?

Loydeen - My greatest weakness is the business side of the industry. As a creative, it is hard to keep up with that side. It is so important because you have to essentially be the CEO of your brand, and it can be very overwhelming. I have learned a lot over the years and I'm now much better at aligning myself with the right team, networking, and follow-up. You have to follow-up, you have to pursue over and over what you want, you have to keep getting yourself out there and be smart about the projects you take, the agencies you work with, etc.

3. What is your greatest strength, as a model?

Loydeen - I have a really unique look, and though it took me some time to really get it down and find my niche, I walk a FIERCE runway and I thoroughly enjoy it.


4. Why did you choose to pursue a career as a model?  

Loydeen - Honestly, acting is my degree and passion, so modeling was not a goal I had set. I had been scouted when I was really young, but my parents did not think it was a good idea at the time. After college, I moved out of L.A. to Idaho due to a family tragedy and I went to a local modeling agency just to have some connection still to the industry. They had connections and brought me on a trip to New York and it all fell into place from there. I was so shocked! I never thought I would want to live in New York, but once I arrived I was like...It's MY PEOPLE! haha.

5. What are your goals as a model?  

Loydeen -  I want to keep growing my brand. I am up for a big modeling campaign right now through my agency DMA and I am already booking for next fashion week, as well as looking into hosting opportunities. On the acting front, I am shooting two films this summer in New York and Arizona. On TV, I recently played the Model role on AMC's Dietland and the lead role as a murdering, drug dealing socialite on ID's The Deadliest Decade.


6.  How do you handle a situation where a photographer does not properly direct you?

Loydeen - You have to learn how to take the direction, but keep in line with what you know will come off well on camera since you know your own angles and what has definitely not worked in the past. It just takes time to learn yourself as a model and still there will always be shots I don't like, of course. That is just the nature of the business. I will often ask to see a few slides after each look since it is so easy to show it right on the camera before each outfit change. Most photographers automatically show me or the client a few favorites to assure the direction of the shoot.

7.  When entering a new modeling gig, describe how you build relationships with

the creative team or your fellow models?

Loydeen - I try to remember to look everyone on the team in the eye and meet each person because without each one of them I would not have a job. At most jobs I've worked the models all bond and we have a great time together. It is a small world and you will work and see each other again and again, so it is important to get along, stay professional and have fun.

8. Being a reliable model is of utmost importance. How would you describe your work ethic?

Loydeen - When I commit to the job I am known for not canceling. I show up, I see the job through and I have a good attitude and I'am grateful to be there.

9. Tell me about your most difficult photo shoot?

Loydeen - I shot with a photographer that did not give me any direction of what the client was wanting, and it turned out there was a very specific look and feel the client was needing that was not communicated to me. That can be very frustrating and you need to ask questions when need be.

10. How would you react if asked to do a shoot you were not comfortable with? What are your limitations?

Loydeen I say no! You learn to speak up even if it doesn't feel comfortable. That generally is enough to send it in a different direction, but if it doesn't then you stop shooting, you call your agent or you walk out. You make sure you know the vision and what you are comfortable with before you shoot and if that vision seems to change during the shoot, you stop and point that out. This is not easy to do!

I am a very strong personality and have always been confident, but I have been caught in situations where I have felt uncomfortable and ashamed when someone in the industry came onto me. I did not speak up right away like I wish I had and I have learned from it. From then on it got easier to speak up going forward. That is why the "Me Too" movement is so important because the more women that speak out, the more others realize they are not alone and that it is not okay to be put in those situations. Together we can make a change and help ourselves and others to feel strong enough to speak up for ourselves.

11. Do you utilize an agency service to book work?

Loydeen - I do. I have done both sides of the industry of being a signed model and freelancing throughout my career.

12. Tell me the advantages and disadvantages of using an agency?

Loydeen - The advantages are having a team behind you that pushes you, fights for you and your worth and utilizes their connections to get you the bigger jobs. The disadvantages are if you sign with the wrong agency you will then be tied to them under a contract for one to three years and unable to go with anyone else. You really need to be careful, not only on the legitimacy of the agency, but also that they will have time to focus on you and not have too many of your same type on their booking board.

13. Who do you look up to in the modeling industry?

Loydeen -  I look up to Cara Delevingne for being such a successful model and then pursuing an acting career so hard, amidst critics, as she made the change to explore a new craft. I love seeing one career lead to opening doors in another and how they can relate to each other. I began acting first and never thought modeling doors would open when they did. It was an exciting twist!

Pic 1 & 3 - Photographer - Andrew Orser

Pic 2 - Photographer - Lori Brown

Pic 4 - Photographer - Robert M. Ford

Designer - Gioffrè Vincenzo

Pic 5 & 6 - Photographer Jason Turner of YSYM Films

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