The Journey- Interview w/ Creative Filmmaker Anatola Araba.

Our article and interview is with creative filmmaker Anatola Araba, we're discussing her film “Light and Dark”. Her short film was shot in Bali, Indonesia and explores how the forces of light and dark interact on our planet. “The Journey” series on Sophisticated Kat Magazine.

Throughout the history of mankind's existence on this Earth, humans have enjoyed the nature of duality. The ancient Chinese even devised a concept, and philosophy surrounding the presence of duality when they conceived of yin and yang. Yin and yang teaches that opposites are an indivisible whole, and one cannot exist without the presence of the other. From chaos we can attain order. Silence can give way to a deafening roar. And twice a day we are delighted by the coupling of light and dark both at sunrise and sunset. In her enlightening short film “Light and Dark”, talented young artist and filmmaker Anatola Araba Pabst explores this heady philosophy and how it has shaped her development.

The idea for Anatola’s short film came about while visiting her mom, Naomi Pabst, at her home in Bali. An immensely talented, and accomplished woman, Naomi was faced with a number of difficult decisions following the loss of her adoptive mother, as well as the break-up of her marriage. These, and other life altering events would easily stop most people in their tracks, yet Naomi remained unbowed, facing the prospect of each difficult decision with no small amount of conviction, fortitude, and determination. When she arrived in Bali the decision to end her career as a professor of African American studies at two of the most prestigious Ivy League universities in America had already been enacted. Bali would not only provide the ideal location for a new home, it would also serve to bolster her gift of intuitive interpersonal skills, allowing her to embark on a new journey filled with reflection, and appreciation of the light and dark within her own personage.

For Anatola, the vibrant colors of the sunrise and sunset just outside her window in Ubud would provide the perfect beginning, and end to her remarkable short film. The grace, and poise with which she presents her philosophy during the film gives viewers the sense that they are engaging in a conversation with a dear friend. Her deliberate, and patient manner of speaking belies her youth, revealing the wisdom normally attributed to individuals more than twice her age. Yet when she speaks of her mother's teachings, and the positive influence that she's had on her life, it is easy to see where her wisdom originates from. My perception of the overall theme of her film is unity, and acceptance.

In creating the title of her film, Anatola made a conscious decision to highlight unity by avoiding the use of the word “versus” between light and dark. The title she chose should be an immediate clue to her belief that we must accept the disparate facets of our personalities, including those which might seem at odds with one another. In espousing her beliefs she offers the listener an opportunity for self empowerment. That theme of self empowerment is one that deeply resonated with me, and is a topic that she further elaborates upon during her exclusive interview with Sophisticated Kat. While discussing her film, and the foundations of her beliefs, she also makes clear what her goals are for anyone watching the film. For her, the importance is on what she can offer to others. The sincerity of her desire to help others on a deeply personal level is readily apparent. The themes of unity, acceptance, and empowerment presented within her film are universal, and require no translation.

Anatola Araba’s interview with Sophisticated Kat is the perfect companion piece to her inspirational short film “Light and Dark”, and is sure to resonate with viewers of all ages.

Sophisticated Kat Magazine Interview w/ Indie Filmmaker Anatola Araba "Light & Dark" Film

All Photos captured by: Jason Turner of YSYM Films

Video Interview recorded & conducted by: Jason Turner of YSYM Films

Director Filmmaker - Anatola Araba

Article written by: Silent Rob


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