The Journey - Birth of the Universal HIP HOP Museum. Born in the Bronx to enshrine the culture.

Universal HIP HOP Museum satellite location. Located in the Bronx, NYC. Directly across the street from where the official opening of the Museum will be in 2023. Open to the public and located at Bronx Terminal Market on 610 Exterior St Bronx, New York 10451 [R]Evolution of HIP HOP foundation. The Universal Hip Hop Museum will occupy 50,000 square feet in Bronx Point, the residential and retail project will be developed by L+M Development Partners.

This $80 Million dollar development will begin to enshrine a culture that has become the most influential and disruptive culture around the world. The 5 elements of HIP HOP has gone world wide and continues to grow not only commercially through Rap but the knowledge, graffiti, break dance, and DJ-ing elements has all created it's own lanes and has built them up to almost become it's own entity outside of HIP HOP that has created various subsets within them.

Rap - has gone from simple & plain, to melodic rap. Knowledge - has gone from being passed down from person to person within the local community, to now Lectures are being created in Universities. DJ-ing - has gone from local block parties to now Dj's having residency in Vegas or various locations around the world. Graffiti - has gone from being considered vandalism to now being accepted as an actual Art. A art that is practiced around the world and being used from Gangs, to artist making political statements. Break dance (B-boy & B-girl) - has gone from hobbyist dancing for the love and creating crews, to compete against each other in the street. To now being on the world stage and hosting its own sponsored competitions. Various B-boy single and crews compete to see who is the worlds best sponsored by Red Bull. Amazing! how far this black culture, created out of necessity, has become accepted by all walks of life and has Unified & blurred the color lines amongst people that live the culture. Why? because it isn't about black or white or color. It's about love for those 5 elements and how it brings people together. Which is how it all started.

I think there should be a push to add two more elements in HIP HOP which should be Photography and Video. Why? Because these two disciplines have helped and earned the right to be recognized by HIP HOP as elements, for helping evolve the culture to it's current state, and has generated Millions of dollars for the various artist and creators who have helped document the 50 year history of HIP HOP so far. From Ralph McDaniels having Video Music Box to Joe Conzo Jr., Cold Crush Brothers Photographer, Fab Five Freddie, helping document HIP HOP within various mediums. Without these two disciplines you wouldn't have a documented history to enshrine. So in my humble opinion this knowledge of how to create with photography, whether it's photographing concerts & events, capturing portraits for album covers, or for brands within the culture. There should be a high value attached to photographs. Creating music videos, documentaries, short films has been able to capitalize and make millions to create within this medium. Now is the time to build up the value of Photography.

That is what makes the ground breaking of this $80 Million dollar facility so important. The photos, video & history that will be enshrined, will not only help build the value for the photographers, artist and creators price points moving forward, but it will begin a process of teaching and inspiring the generations to come after. The museum will show that they too can aspire to be great and contribute to documenting history for the culture. All while learning about what came before them and what the foundation of HIP HOP was built off of. Nowadays you have too many young artist who don't care about the people who laid the foundation and sacrificed for them to be able to receive a million dollar deal. This current exhibit on display in the Bronx will start that dialogue and lead the way until the official opening of the Museum in 2023.

Below is an interview with Reggie Peters who is on the board of trustees. Reggie explains the mission for the museum and also explains the meaning of artwork on display at the current exhibit that is Open to the public and located at Bronx Terminal Market on 610 Exterior St Bronx, New York 10451 [R]Evolution of HIP HOP foundation. Hope to see you there!

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Article written by Jason Turner of Sophisticated Kat Mag

All Photos captured by Jason Turner of YSYM Films.

Video Captured & edited by Jason Turner of YSYM Films


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