Sweet Talk Swim collection. Art Heart Fashion Runway during NYFW F/W'19

Cheyanne Anderson, Founder of Sweet Talk Swim. Displayed part of her collection during Art Heart Fashion for NYFW. Even though her brand has swim in the title, her collection really has a mixture of swim & night wear for women. Each piece has a mixture of spandex, mesh and glitter fabrics that has been cut in many unique styles that I think today women will love and appreciate. Young woman who are looking for clothing that not only gives them confidence but highlights their curves and sensual style of dress. This is the collection for you. Beautiful bright colors and styles that caress the body.

During the interview she explained that she dedicated one of her pieces to a friend who passed away. She calls it the "Jacket Blouse" she combined pink fluffy angel like arms that connect to a mesh fabric that leads up to the front of the body and chest area while leaving the stomach area open. A very cool and thought provoking piece that is different and could be more of a statement piece than for someone to actually wear. But overall her collection is beautiful and creative. I look forward to see where she takes her collection and the various styles she will continue to create. She has been in business for three years and loves being a designer. To find out more about Cheyanne click her website and IG links below.

Creator of Sweet Talk Swim - https://www.instagram.com/cheyanderson/?hl=en

Company website - https://sweeettalkswim.com/

IG - https://www.instagram.com/sweettalkswim/


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