Slept On: Oswin Benjamin - EP HueMan is a Dope Album

Slept On: is our section where we will highlight older or new EP/album that we think people should know about or at least should have heard.

Oswin Benjamin is one of those BK emcees that doesn't have to mesmerize you with an entertaining stage show, but he pulls you into his zone with his words. Oswin's performances are where instead of him dancing and moving around the stage to keep your eyes stimulated, his voice and his lyrics are the things that control the room and keeps your mind and intellect healthy with substance not ignorance. His style alone is powerful enough to pull you in intellectually all while captivating your mind with a live band, which sets a poetic setting from any poetry slam or speakeasy atmosphere that you have been accustom too. This album HueMan display's a balance of knowledge and wisdom that the game needs to hear. Support the independent artist.

All photos taken by Jason "Nemi9" Turner of YSYM Films


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