Slept On: Siaira Shawn - Wrong Speed (prod. Aabo, Krs. & Mars Today)

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Siaira Shawn
Photo by Alexis @golexgo

Siaira Shawn has been a fav singer of mine for a while now, for at least 5 years. I remember hearing her live and saying to myself I love her sound and how she can control her voice. At the time I really didn't hear her style or voice anywhere, it was simply amazing. She was working with a great producer that is underrated in his own right Hazali and came out with a song named YOU. I was mesmerized by her vocals. I remember after her performance in Brooklyn, I had to walk up to her and tell her how I simply loved her sound, how she was able to control her voice. It just makes your mind and body feel at ease, The kind of voice you could fuck, smoke a blunt, and relax too. I love voices like that.

Siaira Shawn 4 years later has a new single out named Wrong Speed. Man!! talk about feeling sorry for whoever this guy is. Seems like this dude is trying to make love, but all she want is a passionate animal in the bed. She tells him how she isn't use to not having sex on the regular. She tells this dude to check my references. Ha!! asking him this question, How you let me sleep through the night? She say it can't be me. She was built for different frames, she was made for higher speeds. He was too slow. Hope you can change up, switch up, step his game up. Ha!! But her voice is so sultry while she talk her shit.... as a listener, you could definitely test the waters with your own references to this song. Support the independent Artist. Listen to her song YOU as well.

Siaira Shawn - instagram


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