Rolling Loud Festival 2019 in the Mecca of HIP HOP NYC Pyro & Stage Lighting production was Amazing!

All photos displayed & captured by Jason Turner of YSYM Films. All was made possible

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Rolling Loud Festival 2019 in the Mecca of HIP HOP, NYC. The Pyro Tech & Stage Lighting production for the festival was simply Amazing!

Stage production during Rolling Loud Festival 2019 in the Mecca of HIP HOP NYC. Photo captured by Jason Turner of YSYM FILMS

The 2019 Rolling Loud Festival in New York City was epic! The touring show stopped in the Queens section of New York City. by the Mets, Citi Field stadium. Rolling Loud hosted its first music festival inside of the Mecca of HIP HOP !!

What is Rolling Loud? Rolling Loud Festival is a 3-day music event, that started in Miami, FL. Some of the biggest names that have performed on the Rolling Loud stage includes the likes of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Future, Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott, Young Thug, Post Malone, Migos, Kodak Black, Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Lil Yachty, Lil B, and many more.

Matt Zingler, alongside co-founder Tariq Cherif, debuted Rolling Loud in February 2015 and has showed no signs of slowing down or getting any smaller. With goals of expanding their festival internationally to Japan, China and Europe. While they are currently hosting festivals in Miami, Northern California and Southern California. Rolling Loud, has become what is now currently, the largest Hip-Hop festival in the world!

So what does the largest HIP HOP festival in the world need to create a memorable experience?

Amazing, Live Stage Production!!

Why is Live Stage Production so important to the whole scheme of things at any performance during a festival?

When we say live stage production. We mean anything related to the production of the primary entertainment of a festival – the sound, lighting, staging, video, backline, equipment, power, and all related labor. These things are essential to creating a memorable and high quality show that is displayed to the masses in real time.

One thing missing or lacking in quality from these 8 elements of the job, can cause instant problems.

  • Poor sound quality

  • Missed moments  

  • Delayed Video or Audio

  • inadequate power

  • Live performance not stimulating visually

  • Equipment not equipped for the sound system

  • Liability risk is higher

Every person working in their position has a part to play, to make sure they hold up their end of the bargain and help the overall wheel move without a hitch or problem. So this article will salute and highlight the Amazing work of the production crew that played a vital part at making all scheduled stage performances worth the price of admission.

Lighting equipment used for most Stage shows or Live concert events.

PAR Cans – parabolic aluminized reflector light is a sealed beam lamp (like a car headlight), and the housing (including the lamp, color gel, and any external hardware) is called a PAR Can has recently become less popular due to the advent of LED lighting that can accomplish virtually the same task with a fraction of the power consumption. 

LED Lighting – becoming more common as the available color spectrum, luminosity, and versatility of these new kinds of lights grow.  Many artists are replacing their conventional PAR Cans with LED Cans to save on power needs as well as the added safety of not having blistering hot lamps (LEDs run cool).

Moving / Intelligent lighting – virtually every mid to large scale stage production will have these kinds of lights, which offer a wide variety of attributes to refine movement, control iris size, change gobos, and mix in different colors and patterns. They often come with a fixture body wrapped in an automated, programmable yoke.  

Follow spots – also called spotlights, these are large lights that provide focus and/or highlight a performer or an area of the stage. For larger events, many artist will require anywhere from 2 to 8 follow spots to compliment their onstage lighting.

Hazers and foggers - machines used to create atmospheric effects and to allow beams of light to be seen more intensely. They are either droplet generators or particulate generators, which disperse fine droplets of oil or a water mix to catch, reflect, or diffract any light that comes into contact with it.  

Most events utilize bil-jax or StageRight type decking as it they typically satisfy any permit needs and they are very versatile / reliable.  Most stages are built in 4’x4′ or 4’x8′ increments, but 3’x6′ can also be used. Mobile stages are becoming more and more common due to better design and higher wind ratings as compared to TomCat / steel truss stages. But steel staging is still very popular and fits well in many event and festival applications.

You will want to check with your local fire marshall / city officials and see what sort of wind rating your stage needs to have to meet all local laws – some are as high as 90 mph. Having a proper inclement weather plan is essential.

Special Effects

Pyro – short for pyrotechnics, this involves any sort of device or fixture that emits various kinds fireworks.  These will almost always require fire marshalls on hand not only during the performance, but for any rehearsals as well. The pyro vendor will also need to provide you with all permits, personnel information, and fire safety information related to the devices they’re using.

Cryo – short for cryogentic, these effects create a burst of intense fog as a result of utilizing liquid carbon dioxide tanks. 

Confetti – often utilized in cannons, artists will often trigger the cannons to emit a burst of confetti at specific times during their  performance. You’ll want to make sure it’s biodegradable confetti if possible and you’ll want to make sure you plan for any extra cleanup that will result.

Now imagine concerts nowadays in a time where fans have short attention spans, without the big production behind it. Would you still enjoy the show? Think of the money artist (Kanye West, Travis Scott) spend nowadays to have a unique and rememberable show just for their fans to enjoy.

Overall, you see how much goes into planning and creating a show of this magnitude. The cost it takes to create a memorable and lasting experience for its fans that paid $300 plus for tickets. Rolling Loud has been one of the best festivals, I have been to so far. I would recommend going to Rolling Loud at least once in your life. The experience is just something that will change you. You will want to experience this style of festival, more than once. Truly worth the price of admission!

All photos displayed have been captured by Jason Turner of YSYM FILMS

Article created by Jason Turner

Rolling Loud website

The Source

Video displayed below are from Rolling Loud Youtube

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Rolling Loud New York 2019 -Wu-Tang Clan

Travis Scott performing at Rolling Loud 2019 in New York City


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