Pier 59 Studios, FW'19 House of Harlienz

Created by designer Harlienz in 2013. Her collection for NYFW FW'19 goal is to stylistically combine fashion and architectural silhouettes with great textures. Which in my opinion she has successfully been able to attain her goal. Some of my favorite Jalabiya w/Sheila pieces that walked the runway are displayed in the pictures below. But when you look how the materials are used and the way they flow beautifully on a woman body you can tell each Jalabiya is comfortable and also not restrictive to a woman movement. The colors are also carefully chosen to send out positive energy to the world while the person wearing it goes about their daily life. You could look at the photos taken during the show or watch the final walk of the collection below. Also If you would like to find out more about the Harlienz Brand go to their website https://harlienz.net/ or follow them on IG - https://www.instagram.com/harlienz/

The Jalabiya  (Arabic الجلابية) or Jelabiya or Jellabiya (pronounced Gellabiya in Egypt and "Jehllubeeya" in Eritrea) is a traditional Arab garment worn by both males and females. It predates Islam and is worn over other clothing. The female version is evidently synonymous with the Jilbab, Jalabiya being the informal name according to some. The female version may be elaborately adorned and includes a head covering. The male version, a simple robe, is also variously called thawb, thobe and dishdasha (in the Levant) and Kandura in the United Arabic Emirates. The details of the garment - sleeve length, distance from the floor etc may vary.  (*Source of this portion of info Encyclopedia of the Middle East)

Photographer: Jason Turner of YSYM Films

Video of Final walk: Jason Turner of YSYM Films

Article written by: Jason Turner


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