Hot Girl Meg - EP Suga

It has been a journey to success for this rising star Meg Thee Stallion. Her road has been one full of confidence, ratchetness, flawlessly sexy, plenty of hard work and heart break. Meg has achieved what people may think is over night success, but certain people who have been behind her has help propel her career from a young lady from the Houston area, to what you now see as a HIP HOP force to be reckon with; that has her own Hot Girl summer. Meg has managed to pull off something many new female rap artist hasn't been able to do. Maybe only Cardi B; but Cardi B. wave was definitely a first.

Meg has been able to get her "Hot Girl" fan base to support multiple singles and streamed Millions of times without putting out an official album. Which has always been a hard thing to do up until now in the streaming area. Remember B.I.G. saying back in the 90's. Trying to make a mill, off a single. Well since then, in the streaming era of Rap. Artist have been able to do just that and currently Meg is the latest female to achieve this at a high level.

Meg in my opinion comes from the Trina "Baddest Bitch" tree. Her flow has evolved into a faster pace but her lyrics are still raw. This EP "SUGA" sounds more like a mixtape then a polished album. Can't be upset with her taking advantage of her momentum and steady getting them streams up while making money in the process. Her upscale Ratchet style has won over the ladies in the hood. But my question is as she evolves and obtains more success and money. Will she stay in this Ratchet lane or will she change her subject matter to show her maturity and growth. For a 22 year old to come from nothing and build up to this level of success so far, is always difficult to sometimes keep yourself grounded and keep focus on what you came in this game for. During a recent Breakfast club interview she had stated that her school GPA is like a 2.5 or 2.8 and that she knows she can do better. But she has been busy building her current music empire. See how fast things in life and priorities change. I hope she keeps the right people around her and she makes the right decisions with her money, because one day this ride will end, and she will be back where she started if she not careful without the college degree that she was originally pursuing.

Overall so far in her career she obviously has been doing the right thing and has been consistent with her subject matter since her first EP in 2016 Rich Ratchet. So why change what is working. Look at Nicki Minaj. Nicki is a skilled rapper for sure and her influence is undeniable. But after a while her Barbie persona turned into something else, that in the background of the music business there are rumors that people hated her attitude but respected her pen. Meg say she has no real enemies and looks to keep it that way. But we all know, work in any industry too long you either "Die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain".

Now for the music this Ep has 9 songs. It provides everything that you expect from Megan quick flows, catching punchlines, a lot of shit talking about how she that Bitch and what cars she driving and which dude has her sitting on his face. I want to see if Megan has lyrical presence at a level of a Nicki Minaj "Monster"," Did it on Em", "Moment of Life", and remember Nicki was killing features on other peoples albums. So this Hot Girl still has a long way to go. Overall solid project check it out on Tidal or Spotify click links below.


Aint Equal -

Savage -

Captain Hook -

Hit My Phone -

B.I.T.C.H. -

Rich -

Stop Playing -

Crying in the Car -

What I Need -

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SUGA out now......

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All Photos captured by Jason Turner of YSYM Films

Article written by Jason Turner

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