FW'19 - FGNYFW L. Michele Bridal Intimates

L. Michele Bridal Intimates walked the runway for FGNYFW 1p.m. show. Staying true to their brand and displaying some sheer elegance in each of the few pieces that graced the runway. Each variation of L. Michele Bridal Intimates made you feel like you're suppose to float on air with it's sheer, silky and smooth textured style. (See Pictures below) each style gives a woman a feeling of beauty, sexiness, and a sophistication that most woman wants when purchasing evening wear. Not only does a woman want to look good for their significant other, but mostly and mainly for themselves. L. Michele Bridal Intimates will give women both confidence as well as elegance at a fair price point. Check out more of this upcoming designers styles on her website or follow them and like their page on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pg/L-Michele-Bridal-274636716640574/reviews/?ref=page_internal

Article written by Jason Turner

Photos taken by Jason Turner of YSYM Films


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