Beyonce - "Black Is King" Disney film Review

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Beyonce Film "Black is King" is a family oriented film that displays African / black culture through her eyes. This musical inspiration is what I believe is inspired by her voice - over role as the Lioness Nala in the Lion King. She displays beautifully how the African culture has so many layers from the Dark & Light sides of the force. She shows how you can't have one without the other all while providing uplifting and culturally valuable dance & music in between well thought out and carefully crafted poetry.

Visually it's a masterpiece. The way she put each scene together to balance between the positive and negative energies of the world through song, dance and colors. It really displays her joy & love for the culture. As I watched this with my daughter. I must say it gave me a sense of pride and love that I haven't felt watching a Disney film in years. I enjoyed the time that I got to watch Black is King with her. In my younger years growing up, my mother loved watching Disney films with the family. It brought back great childhood memories, being able to do so with my kids and watching, technically, a black film created by another powerful black creative woman was an added bonus.

All songs like Bigger, Find your way back, 4 eva, Water, Brown Skin Girl, Keys to the Kingdom this whole photographic film is a boiling pot of inspiration, filled with African rhythms that just move your body while standing or just sitting in your seat. You can't tell me these songs don't make you feel like opening up a bottle of wine and just dreaming of reaching your goals and wanting to do better as a whole, not just as a culture.

"Everybody is a somebody even a nobody" was a deep intro into the song King Already. In my opinion means you as a black man & woman are suppose to know that you come from royalty and in many ways you are a God. Because as the bible say. God created us in his own image. This hook heavy song is just catchy and something that if sung enough, it will be ingrained into your mind as something important to always remember.

These quotes "Lead or be lead astray" "follow your light or lose it". Then the next question of Who are you? comes into play. The African song "Don’t Jealous Me” which basically answers these quotes and the question, by saying Sheep don't roll with lion, snake don't be with monkey. In my opinion, it means, just because I made my decision and I know who I am. Don't come over here with your uncertainty and confusion you will get hurt over here. This world is Kill or be Killed, so never confuse the two. Are you the Wolf or the sheep? You decide, or someone will make the decision for you.

"I'll be the roots, you be the tree", Legacy, "Your part of something way Bigger", Life is your birth right, "A Journey is a gift". All of these things mean something to me. Through life you never understand why you go through certain trials and test. But your parents always told you, that family is always first. That regardless of what goes on in life, you push forward and stay strong. Look to God and pray to give you guidance and wisdom with each of your decisions. Find your way back! (Another great song)

In short, this is a great musical film and an enjoy to watch with the family, full of inspiring music. Be sure to support Beyonce and Disney by watching Black is King!

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Written by Jason Turner of YSYM Films

Beyonce - Photo courtesy of Shutterfly


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