Brooklyn Hip Hop Music Festival performance by rap Artist Don Mykel

A night dedicated to showcasing all aspects of the culture. DJ showcases, Dance battles, sneaker exhibit, live art and well as original art installations. Featuring: Anoyd, Don Mykel, Oswin Benjamin, Chrybaby Cozie, Kerim The DJ, DJ Midnite, Clean Fresh Air, Scott Lauren, and 24:Ours Gallery Location: Littlefield, 635 Sackett St, Brooklyn, NY

I've been listening to this emcee for a few years now. Alway's thought he had a way with words. He has a new EP out called Infinite that I think is a mixture of raw lyrics and also his on personal view and perception of the world. What people have to understand about rappers is that the lyrics they spit usually are their version of the Blues (jazz) they are speaking their truth and what you hear is his pain, what he see everyday from associates and you hear this in songs like Notorious, Lay Low, Hell on earth. People who don't view it this way have a narrow view of what music is when it comes to this style of poetry. He has been in the game for a while and when you dedicate your life to your craft there is a lot of BS you have to go through and no one can show their frustration and pain better then a pure artist and that is what Don Mykel is.

There are many trappings in the life of a rapper that only certain people will get and understand especially in a game that you have a lot of broken promises, people hyping you up, yes men, and the fact that commercial artist always are going to make more then what underground artist like Don Mykel will, unless he comes out with that real hit that labels or people are looking for. But none of this takes away from someone skill. Ghost til November where he is conversing with his girl and explaining to her that he has to go out and grind so he has to leave til November which is the typical convo when a artist has to rely on touring or doing shows to promote an album and generate income, he also explains how much his sister means to him which goes back to N.W.O. where he talks about his family, how his mother lost her job, and dad lost his mind, sister had a child etc. the typical black family or any family struggle. The opening song Notorious he speaks on how his team is fed up and raised by gangsters and felt lost. Us as fans, if we truly listen to the underground. Supporting an artist nowadays will only cost you a stream. Respect and Support the independent artist.

Infinite EP - Track Listing

1. Notorious

2. N.W.O

3. Lay Low

4. Hell on Earth

5. Levy Grey Interlude

6. Ghost Til November

7. Hold On

Link to his album on tidal below

Photographs taken by Jason Turner of YSYM Films


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