"Social Fabric" Docu-series on Netflix

I went on Netflix and stumbled upon a Netflix Original Docu-series named “Social Fabric” hosted by Fashion designer Kyle Ng. I’m always looking to find shows that offers information that will build interest and create dialogue while at the same time be entertaining. So the title alone caught my interest and caused me to delve deeper. Right off the back I was surprised with the choice of host. Street wear designer & co-founder of Brain Dead, Kyle NG who was entertaining, funny and annoying at the same time. His persona fit the wide target audience that I feel this series is suppose to appeal too. A Chinese skateboarding host with Punk Rock & Hip Hop influences and close ties to the street wear fashion culture. A perfect balance to appeal to a wider audience. The video production was great, the smooth cuts and transitions where perfectly done and background effects were also done well, B-role was also clean, and audio was spot on. So to start off the series the first episode was

  • Jeans - Denim and why people love them. Kyle discussed the process of denim fading over time and how denim tells a story of how the individual wore those jeans and became a part of the person persona. A denim company named Pure Blue in Kojima Japan showed how they use a rope dipped dye technique and why those jeans cost $800 because of this unique process to create each pair of denim. Also a look at the importance of Vintage jeans. Kyle interviewed a founder that reconstructs old worn vintage jeans into a new pair of vintage jeans. This process is done by a LA based company named Re-done. Very interesting episode various perspectives on the effect of what denim means to people around the world.

  • T-shirts - V-necks, Mock tees, Graphic tees, and Tall tees. He discussed Tall Tees and the reason tees have become longer, the interviewee also said that in his opinion he thinks it comes from middle eastern influence. Stitching of the fabric is down the middle and can be worn anywhere. It’s represents a new form of individuality. Vintage Hip Hop Rap Tees was also discussed. Kyle went to a well known spot in New York by bowery st. named Procell Vintage Clothing where he displayed his collection while discussing some of the history of these Vintage Rap tees. Next stop was a store named Jammin on Haight to discuss Tye Dye tees in San Francisco. Tye Dye Tees represent the Hippie culture & movement as well The band Grateful Dead & symbolizing being free with sex, drugs and music all while going against the system.

  • Sneakers - Discussing how the sneaker has become the core piece of fashion that makes a statement and has added value by being collected by men and woman around the world. He start out with the Japanese sneaker brand Asics and how it’s known for their many collaborations to create unique styles and color ways over the years. Then he goes into Vans and being a skateboarder and punk rock fan, you can really tell how much he cares about the brand and what it means to him as someone who came up wearing this Iconic Skating shoe brand. He discussed the creation of the Half Cab and the importance of this sneaker. The owner of Vans talked about how it changed the game and was a necessity for skaters because of the cut and flexibility of the shoe.

  • Fedoras - You have to watch

  • Plaid - You Have to Watch

  • Cowboy Boots - You Have to Watch

  • Leather Jackets - Rebellion or Cool. He walked around Brooklyn with Arturo Castaneda who has worked with Ralph Lauren and they both discussed Leather Jackets inside a store in Dumbo named the Front General Store. They talked about the Perfecto biker Jacket, Bomber Jacket, Shearling collars on the bomber, & Cafe Racer Jackets and how he felt the leather Jacket is a Iconic piece. He also discussed the importance of the leather jacket to the punk culture and the meaning of having various custom styled pieces that shows your individuality.

  • Crazy Pants - You Have to Watch

  • The Suit - This episode he goes into London and talks about the Bespoke Suit had a tailor create a custom shooting suit made by Stowers on Saville Row, in the city of Westminster. They make outfits & shooting suits for the Saudi Royal Family & Micheal Jackson. He displayed the Saudi Royal Family Tweed used for their shooting suit. Also showed an example of Real Gold Wire that was used for MJ gold outfit. They made tweed Trousers, waist coat, vest and shooting vest which has a suede shoulder to keep the butt of the gun from moving and is much longer and has deeper pockets for ammo shells. Then he went into L.A. to discuss the Dandy suit style that is a lot more creative and flexible with what you can wear like bright colors and loud patterns that stand out. Then he went to Hollywood to discuss the Western Suit that has embroidery, patches and the classic Yoke design that is displayed on different parts of the jacket especially the cut along the back collar. He also talked about who made this style of suit famous which was a person named Nudie. Nudie created the RhineStone Western Suit for everyone in Hollywood at one time. His suits are in the Valley Relics Museum. Some of the stars that wore the RhineStone suit at the time were Elvis, John Wayne, John Lennon, Cher, Lou Rawls and many more.

  • Bling - You Have to Watch

  • Sacred Threads - You Have to Watch

  • Camo - You Have to Watch

Overall a nice concept for a Docu-series. I look forward to seeing if there will be a season 2. I want to see who he interviews next within his journey of learning the history of various Fashion trends and pieces. It’s a must see.


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