Signature Style... Dedicated to Lynn Dell

This article is dedicated to the late Lynn Dell Cohen of (Advance Style), owner of The Off Broadway Boutique and who once hosted her own acclaimed talk show called: Positively Lynn, which aired on T.V. in the late 90s. She often stated: "Fashion says me too and Style says only me." From this point, I shall start the discussion. Most people want to feel good and look good, most want to believe that what they choose to wear is admired by their spectators. Very few are cognizant of the fact or, will seldom acknowledge (even to themselves) that they dress largely to please others and that their fashion choices are impacted by either others' moral codes i.e., religious groups, educational systems and/or by family and friends. Some are pressured by the "keep up with Joneses" advertisements trends. Many people will assert that they buy and wear clothing they like, clothing that makes them feel good, clothing that demonstrates their own individuality but is this true? Fashion plays an important roll in society for, without it, clothing would be nothing more than boring, uninteresting, functional garments to cover nudity and protect its wearer from the external elements. However, today's' society demands more, people want to dress in an attractive article of clothing. Young people (usually) gravitates towards trends, they desire to mimic the celebs in the entertainment industry. These youths want to make fashion statements, funny, many youths say that they want individuality but most wear fashions that look the same as their contemporaries. Mature adults are often the concern with wearability, expense, and quality.

Yet, there is a segment of every society (these have appeared among every generation) who want more than fashion or a style. these are not interested in making a fashion statement, these transform fashion and styles into a signature, an entity, into their own signature-style despite whatever is trending at the time. The late Lynn Dell Cohen of (Advance Style) would also say "You should dress for the theater of your life". Lynn passed away in 2015 in her early eighties, she was an energetic self-made fashionista, with a strong sense of self, she beautifully demonstrated her own signature style daily.

As stated previously fashion plays an important roll in society because it offers people choices, it offers accessibility to effortless dressing in various styles at a wide range of price points. However, for those who really want to demonstrate their own individuality, the question is how can one design his/her authentic signature style and how can fashion, style, and trends be utilized in this endeavor? First, one must become fully acquainted with self, the authentic self. why? For the reason that it is impossible for one to design an authentic signature style without having knowledge of self. Knowledge equals power and power puts one in possession of controlling influences. lifestyle does not matter i.e., a manner of living that reflects a person's values and attitudes. Those desirous of transforming their wearables into styles that will celebrate their body, excite their mind and caress their emotions in a way that will enable them to walk in the world with confidence then, designing a signature style (within their own values) is the way to go.

In the second photo, Lynn's main black garment is accessorized with a beautifully youthful hue of turquoise jewelry on a large scale, she has twisted black and turquoise fabric into a donut shape head wear. The third photo Lynn wears basic black that has been accessorized with bold cat eyes-eyewear, two wide silver cuffs (one on each arm), stunning! In the fourth photo here Lynn's basic black garment is now accessorized with white and black a modern black and white (blocked constructed) hat, generously sized white pearl necklaces, a white pearl bracelet and white and black earrings. The fifth photo we see Lynn is wearing all black, a wide brim hat, bold modern eyewear which makes her attire distinctively edgy. The sixth, again Lynn is wearing all black but this time she is wearing a unique hat. The attire is what the high streets call posh.

The seventh and last photo, Lynn wears a basic black top and a basic white skirt. She has added a black and white striped shawl that can be placed over one shoulder for a dramatic and a black and white crown hat which creates a dramatic effect, the black and white jewelry and bold fashion eyewear elevates her garb to a truly sophisticated, polished presentation.

Acquiring a Signature Style takes time, the more you play with various kind of accessories; colors, textures of fabrics and various styles of clothing. You will improve your ability to target your own signature style which will flatter you and your creativity will soar as you get used to experimenting. The more you take deliberate steps toward embracing your own bodily form, your own skin, your own hair texture, your own facial features and your own time of existence on the earth you will realize that You, determine your personal worth. The more you feel worthy you will give yourself the right to decide (within your own value system) how You will show up to Your life, on this planet.

Contributed by Lenier Turner


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