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Disney - Beyonce film

 Black is King


Beyonce Film "Black is King" is a family oriented film that displays African / black culture through her eyes. This musical inspiration is what I believe is inspired by her voice - over role as the Lioness Nala in the Lion King. She displays beautifully how the African culture has so many layers from the Dark & Light sides of the force. She shows how you can't have one without the other all while providing uplifting and culturally valuable dance & music in between well thought out and carefully crafted poetry.


Visually it's a masterpiece. The way she put each scene together to balance between the positive and negative energies of the world through song, dance and colors. It really displays her joy & love for the culture. As I watched this with my daughter. I must say it gave me a sense of pride and love that I haven't felt watching a Disney film in years. I enjoyed the time that I got to watch Black is King with her. In my younger years growing up, my mother loved watching Disney films with the family. It brought back great childhood memories, being able to do so with my kids and watching, technically, a black film created by another powerful black creative woman was an added bonus.


All songs like Part of something way bigger, Find your way back, 4 eva, Baby Oh, Brown Skin Girl, Key to the Kingdom this whole photographic film is a boiling pot of inspiration, filled with African rhythms that just move your body while standing or in your seat. You can't tell me these songs don't make you feel like opening up a bottle of wine and just dreaming of reaching your goals and wanting to do better as a whole, not just as a culture.


Digital Comp cards of models, photographers, artist, writers, producers and more at different levels of their career as we highlight why we think brands should hire them.

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We highlight designers and brands that we think either has potential or will be breaking new ground in fashion, sports, business attire, music, luxury and more.

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Sophisticated Kat Magazine will be the number one talent scout magazine publisher for updates on all current & new talent you seek. No matter what you want to read about, our team of dedicated and experienced writers are here to provide you with instant coverage on a wide range of topics. Check out our most recent pieces of the week below.

The Journey... will be a continuous look at the life of Models, photographers, visionaries, CEO, fashion designers & Agencies etc. and how they work in conjunction with the various industries. Each issue will have new insight into each part of the wheel and how it affects the their industries as a whole.

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Interviews & reviews of  top and upcoming photographer work and what they carry inside of their bag for various photo sessions.

Reviews & photos of  various designers and models straight from the runway.

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